Boys Are So Very Different From Girls.

So, I do realize that there are girls who love to get dirty and do a lot of things traditionally considered as masculine, and that there are boys who are quiet and reserved… but in the past few days, while we have been able to spend time with a family raising only girls, I have seen a startling large difference between my boys, my daughter and their girls…

My sons pick up sticks and immediately they are weapons; my daughter and her friends pick up sticks and immediately draw pictures in the sand.

My sons find bugs and want to dissect them, the girls run screaming, but then plead for the bugs’ lives.

My sons growl and throw a punch to express positive emotions, the girls whisper “I love you” and ask for a cuddle.

My daughter and her friends ask how they can help out when I am in the kitchen getting lunch; my boys grow increasingly more crabby the hungrier they become, and display it in wrestling, punching and shouting matches.

The girls want to build sand castles and have whole worlds of imagined life going on; my boys want to smash their castles and see who can drag the heaviest piece of drift wood the farthest.

My sons eat their weight in waffles at breakfast, the girls stop at one, even with the offer of more whipped cream.

The girls want to set up forts and find secret hide-outs to turn into homes; my sons turn hangers into bows and imaginary arrows and try to attack and plunder

The girls giggle after lights out, and sing songs and whisper; the boys have farting competitions and have to be asked to be quieter.

I have nodded politely when moms of only girls tell me, “oh, I understand what you mean about active and noisy, my girls are abnormally active and noisy!”  But, when my friends who are only raising girls remark on the differences between their girls and my boys, I know that the differences I see are very very real.  And, I feel extremely fortunate to be raising both!