Why Proverbs 3:5-12

The Bible passage, proverbs 3:5-12 has a special place in my heart.  Throughout my life many things have been beyond my understanding, yet I have watched the Lord provide miraculously again and again.  I’ve come to understand that life doesn’t depend on my understanding; my life thrives through my faith.

In January 2000, I heard the Lord speak to me.  He told me I needed to return home because it was time to meet my husband.  I’d been living in Darwin, Australia for the previous 3 years.  Home was Oregon, USA.  I shared this experience with a very select few, and by faith moved back to the states in the early fall of 2000.

My husband and I met at the end of October 2000, and started dating in December of the same year.  In March 2001(the 3rd to be exact) we were engaged, and on June 2nd, 2001 we were marred.

Our story is filled with unexpected twists and inconceivable turns.  Before we were even able to walk down the isle we nearly lost my husband’s mom to what should have been a fatal illness.  Her life was the first miracle we experienced as a couple.

Together, we have faced unexpected pregnancy, lost pregnancies, unemployment, mountains of debt, illnesses and betrayals, the loss of a loved one, dreams shattered and 10 household moves within 12 years.

Throughout all of this, we have been brought back to proverbs 3:5-12. We have seen what happens when we are impressed with our own wisdom, and when instead we get humble and reverently wait for His leading. We have seen His healing and His strength displayed in many ways; physically, emotionally, mentally, relationally and financially.  We have experienced living life without giving back financially to the Lord, and also lived the benefits of learning His heart of faithful generosity when we do as He asks regarding our money, our time and ourselves.

And, we are learning that the hard times, disease, disasters and life’s disappointments are not punishment, but that the correction and discipline He brings to us gives us the strength we need in order to put down deep roots during such times; laying a firm foundation, as we watch Him rebuild us as individuals, a couple and a family; pouring back into our lives more than we’ve ever lost.  We are learning daily that it is not only good to trust in the Lord, but that He is trust worthy and good.

Our attention is moving from living life to discovering who God is, as we move steadily toward acknowledging Him in every way.  How can we help it?  In every way imaginable He has given us a fully blessed life to live!


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