We recently had an incredible surprise… We are unexpectedly expecting baby #5!

Ironically, we discovered this precious little miracle within days of scheduling the appointment that makes adding to our family impossible.  Paradoxically, we’d been grieving the end of our baby-making career and yet felt so fully content to have the end in sight.

Even more ironic to us are all the comments we hear – such as, “we totally knew you were going to have more!”

What else can we do but smile and shrug?  Either way, we are delighted with this crazy change of plans :).

Thinking baby #4 was my last, I was still nursing frequently throughout the day and at least once at night, so I had no “first day of my last…” to pinpoint a due date by.  And the fact that we were convinced we were done meant we decided to switch insurance plans to less expensive insurance without maternity coverage… so it took us a while to figure out a due date.

A few rounds with insurance reps and a couple of ultrasounds later we learned we are fully into the second trimester and will find out the sex within just a matter of weeks – CRAZY!

In the meantime we had some fun getting creative with ideas for to how to announce our sweet surprise. At one point the big kids took turns laying on the floor to get baby #4 to smile and look at my belly… it didn’t quite turn out the way we envisioned!














The end result:

I have a secretI'm going to be a big brother March 10 2015


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