Five Years Ago Today…

It’s our 5-year anniversary for one of the sweetest miracles we have walked through.

Joshua Iason Noah was born in the evening of September 17th, weighing just barely 6lbs, being induced early for safety reasons and deciding to arrive so quickly that the nurse delivered him on my bed in the midst of ordering my epidural.

At 20 weeks into Joshua’s pregnancy, we were told he had several markers – red flags in his fetal development.  Through a process of tests, and ultrasounds we were told our baby boy had a 1 in 5 chance of surviving his birth, and if he was lucky it’d be because he would have Downs Syndrome.  We were under constant supervision due to a compromise in his umbilical cord and a fear of his placenta detaching preterm.  At 30 weeks we had an amniocentesis.

I had to know if I was going to take my baby home or plan a funeral.

It took what seemed like months for the phone call to come.  We were moving from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Vancouver, Washington, somewhere in the wide open roads of Wyoming, between having left South Dakota and before reaching YellowStone, when the call finally came.

“Uh, well, we don’t exactly know how this happened, but we’re glad to tell you that nothing is wrong with your baby boy.  We’ve never seen this before, not with all the markers your ultrasounds showed. Congratulations,”

Congratulations indeed!!

“You still need to be cautious, the umbilical cord needs to be monitored and his kidney will require further testing after birth.  We’ve sent all your records to your specialists in Oregon.”

Our baby boy was born four weeks later, and his kidney, though slightly affected, was given a clean bill of health with a recommendation for further testing at age 6.

Today, our baby boy turns 5.  Five years of passionate, full-blown boyish energy, with very little time to rest or sit still and only two volumes; loud or asleep.  He is probably my sweetest kid, full of generosity and affection, and he is probably my most rambunctious child, full of life, zeal, might and pure male drive.  He has yet to grow out of the funny stage – nearly everything he says has potential to have us all rolling on the floor in laughter.  His favorite form of affection is a sound head-butt to the hip-high region… not so great for Daddy, but his next favorite is snuggling in at night, with anyone who will snuggle. He loves being a big brother, convinced he was NEVER little to begin with.  He’s extremely considerate and helpful, and tender-hearted toward his baby brother, and for a long while was the only one of us all to be able to get Zeke to smile.

Happy Birthday, Joshua!  You are a very happy miracle. 



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