No Weapon?

Think about it… “No weapon formed against me will prosper…” What does this really mean?

Of course there are the spiritual weapons… trials, temptation, deception… but the verse doesn’t say, “no SPIRITUAL weapon formed against you will prosper,” it says, “NO weapon formed against us will prosper.”

The Lord has been reminding me of Daniel. He sat with hungry lions all night. His buddies, Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego, walked amidst flames so hot that those trying to put them in there burned up. Not one hair on them was touched. Again and again the Bible is riddled with people who met impossibly deadly odds and lived, some completely untouched.

And New Testament, Paul. Bitten by poisonous snake and wasn’t harmed… that dude went through the wringer too – shipwrecks, beatings, imprisonment… none of it prospered against him, and not even the “thorn in his flesh” prevailed. In fact he didn’t die until he accomplished ALL that God had set before him to accomplish.
What about us? This has massive implications for us today. In my own life I see how ready and willing the Lord is to supernaturally provide protection from harm.

One example He brought to mind this morning was a rare snow day here in Portland, when I was in high school. I spent the night at a friend’s house and the next day we decided to sled down her street – a steep hill that led to a busy road. We all went down successfully several times, stopping well above the road. Then I hit a patch of ice and my sled went out of control. I was on my stomach, head first and I couldn’t do anything but ride and watch as my sled and I hurled way past the point of safety. I caught air and heard the traffic of the busy road in front of me. I remember hearing a cracking sound and coming up with a mouthful of snow. I’d landed in a bush well away from the street, while my sled hit a stop sign head-on, cracking at the impact – cracking right where my head should have hit instead. But I’d never let go of the sled. In one hand I held a piece of the plastic, broken off from where I had been hanging on, and my other hand was totally bare as my glove had launched out into the street, along with my snow cap. I was completely unharmed. Tho looking over the scene and the evidence the opposite should have been true.

The only thing keeping us from the Truth in God’s promises through His Word seem to be fear and unbelief. What things could we accomplish in this life if we had nothing to fear? Who would we talk to and where would we travel? What lengths would we go to reveal His love and promises to this world if we were completely convinced that there is absolutely no weapon formed against us that will prosper?


One thought on “No Weapon?

  1. Dear Linds, we are really enjoying your insights and thank you for posting them. Is all well there? Trust so . Love to all, grandma/grandpa

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