Reflection {the change in direction}

You are brave and strong.  You are My pride and Joy.  You radiate with My love.  Remember, you are not who you think you are.  You are who I created.  I know you. You are every bit the perfect one to fulfill these tasks in front of you.  There is nothing in your life that you cannot survive.  Until I bring you home with Me, you will always have enough of whatever it is you need.  If you can’t find it, ask Me.  I’m right here… as close as your next breath.

It’s quiet now.  Lights are turned off, doors locked.  The wind is blowing in the wetlands below, and the moon is full again, or nearly full.  It’s light reflects in the ponds and on the glass of my window.  Reflects

Have I reflected You today? 

Today.  That is a loaded word.  Today.

How does one day encompass so many events, emotions and mood swings? I love my world of parenting.  I love my main job as a homeschooling {with the help of a tutor} mother of four.  I love being married to my best friend, partnering with him in all we face together.  Even when the disappointments cut deep…  And maybe not so deep, but suddenly feel like a waterlogged wool coat…

That was my late afternoon.  A waterlogged wool coat I somehow skidded into and drug around with me, the weight bearing down on my shoulders, arms and heart.   Disappointment can creep in or pull a surprise attack.  Either way, it’s miserable to wear.  Today, my disappointment was in my children. They are learning about integrity, honor, respect and obedience.  Each one of my children are learning that when these character traits are applied they bring abundant success and reward, and when ignored… spell… well, our afternoon.

Without going into all the details, let me just say I felt like the ringmaster of a disastrous four ring circus with all the animals escaping and the tent walls crumbling while my kids’ tutor stood watching… and not just watching… she had to shed light on some of the missing character in my children.  Which of course, reflected back on their parents.

That is when the hammer fell.  When our tutor left today everyone got clear understanding of expectations going forward.  Many tears were shed.  Steam let off.  Apologies shared.

Laughter came again tonight.  Even with the adjusted earlier bedtime and lack of preferred nighttime entertainment.  For both my children and their parents.

And then that quiet whisper…

“Well done today.”

And I wonder.

Do I whisper that to my children?  I messed up today, every bit as much as they did. Do they know how to hear their Father’s gentle acceptance, His unconditional approval, quietly whispered to those hearts prepared to hear? Do they hear it through my voice? See it in my eyes?  Know it in my touch?

Did I reflect You to them tonight? 

My son’s voice interrupts my thoughts from the quiet of his bedroom, “Mom, you’re the best mom.  I love you. Goodnight!”IMG_1496


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