Love is Waiting

Do you know it?

Have you felt it?

Has it changed your life forever?


The kind that says;

No matter what,

“you are worthy”

“You are perfect”

“you are enough”

“you are Mine”

“you are treasured”

“you are adored”

“you are cherished”

“you measure up”

“I willingly give up my life for yours”

When you taste Love, the real deal, you can’t walk around the same way as before you encountered it.  I’m not talking about romance, or marriage, or friendship… although, those are excellent avenues to practice loving, once you get your heart all wrapped up in Love.  In fact, the Love I’m speaking of increases my capacity for romance, and kindles passion in my marriage, and has given me resources for deeper friendships.

Love is strong.  There is no passivity in Love.  Love builds safe boundaries. Love defines relationships, makes covenant living between people.  Love is safe; protective and free.  Love doesn’t know fear or control.  Love is truthful, and doesn’t lie, not even a little.  For people not used to being loved, hearing the truth that Love speaks can be painful.  Even with Love’s most gentle phrasing. But the thing about Love is that Love can take your anger and your pain, patiently, empathetically and kindly waiting on the very best in you to come forward, when you’re ready, in your own time.  Love is trusting, and trustworthy. Love is reliable.  Yes is yes in Love.  Love doesn’t have to find itself, Love longs to find you; to know you and to enjoy you.  Love isn’t about getting what it can from you, but giving all things to you.  Whatever you need.  You will never have to wait for Love, Love is here, waiting for you.  No matter how horrible you can be, Love is long-suffering, never repaying you with your own ugliness, but always treating you respectfully, compassionately, mercifully. Love doesn’t have to be heard, Love doesn’t push or clamor for your attention, Love waits until you’re ready to hear it. When you are ready, Love makes everything right.  Love makes everything right.

Love is power.  When you know Love, you know freedom unlike you’ve ever known it before.  No human can love like Love does, not without fully knowing, receiving and accepting Love, in all it’s fullness.  Love is faithful, and passionate.  Love is intimate, complete.  Love heals.  Love atones.  Love judges perfectly. Love always hopes.  Love is yours.

Love is yours.

If you want Him.



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