He Always Speaks

My family has started doing something called “listening prayer.”

We sit together and ask God a question or invite Him to share His thoughts with us.

Then we wait.   We listen to the thoughts that roll through our minds.  Those of us who can write will write down the mental images or words we see.  Those of us who can’t sometimes draw pictures.

We ask Him to tell us where lost things are.  He’s good at that.  We ask Him for directions, how to get through a problem between two or three of us, or for encouraging words to speak to each other.

He always speaks when we listen.  My children have been amazed.

Sitting in bed one night with my daughter, as we were about to pull up a Christmas movie, I felt the Lord start to speak to me about her.  I leaned over and shared the words that came to mind.

“Hey, do you know that God calls you pretty? He calls you Princess and Little One and Beloved.  He calls you Cherished One, Precious, and Little Gift. He just adores you.”

She looked up at me, her eyes huge and filling with tears.  Then she leaned into my shoulder and pulled my head down onto her shoulder with her arm around my neck and sobbed. Her tears brought tears to my eyes.

“Mom,” she whispered in my ear, “I don’t think I have ever felt so loved. Thank you.”

Countless times He has said exactly what we’ve needed to hear in that moment. Learning to sit down and listen has been life-changing for us. He is always speaking, always looking for ways to communicate His love to us and He never runs out of patience or creative ways to express Himself.  He is always gentle, kind and merciful. He wants to speak to you too.



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