{choose to sit and} Listen

“Come, sit, listen, write. Hear My love for you.”

I know the voice well.  Though it is my own sound, the softness and insistence, the tenor, is Holy. It is the voice of my Lord. His Spirit within me. I love the sound of His presence;  The warmth and conviction of completion within.

But the laundry beckons. The floor covered in scattered living and the bathroom mirror flecked with reckless childishness, has my attention.  Relief of a baby sleeping and a toddler contented in play inspires a waft of energy to get something done.

“Come with Me. Sit.  Listen.  I love you.”  

Sigh.  Choices! I can either assemble some hint of order in my living space, or sit down in the midst of life as a mother of four, with a revolving list of to-do’s longer than I have years left to live. My phone buzzes.  A text. And another…

I walk past the piles, step over the toy cars, steer around the cast off school equipment trailing down the stairs and I sit.  Peace.

“Child, you have My heart.  You have captivated Me!  Get rid of your guilt.  It doesn’t bring Me any pleasure or honor.  I have cut you off from the life of sin and guilt.  You, darling daughter, are My joy!  Forgiveness flows freely between Me and you.  I have placed you securely within My grace and from this place I want you to live.”

And the toddler yells for “Mahhm!” and the dog barks and the baby wakes…

But the peace stays.

“God’s grace is unmerited supernatural divine empowerment.”