{the power of} Words

God spoke: “Light!”
And light appeared.

~Genesis 1:3

Have you considered the power of words?

A word spoken, “light,” and something began to exist that hadn’t existed before.  That is power.

What words have you been speaking?  Have they been positive, upbeat, healthy, healing, loving, gentle, hope-giving, affirming, truthful, life-filled words?

I wish I could say that mine have been!  I mean, sure, I have spoken many wonderful things lately.  But, I’ve also melted down into words of frustration, irritation, anger, hopelessness, arrogance, melancholy, fruitlessness  and even death.  I’ve spoken these words at my husband, my children and over myself.  And I’ve lived in the reality of the atmosphere they create.

Today I purposefully caught myself.  I clamped my mouth shut and decided to not to speak to my family until I could regain self-control over my emotions.  My husband and children will probably tell you otherwise… but they only heard what came out.  They {GRATEFULLY} did not hear what was contained within my thoughts as my feelings raged a tantrum.

I have many valid reasons for lashing out… as a wife, I get fed up.  As a mom I offer up every thread of patience repeatedly in a matter hours. As a pregnant woman in her third trimester I have hormone swings keeping this unborn child alive and thriving… and as a believer in Christ I can claim being under attacks of varying kinds.

But really, when it comes right down to it, the honest truth that means anything of value is that I simply chose to loose control of my tongue.  I can choose.

Maybe that is why words carry so much power?  Choice.

So, tonight, with toys still streaming about the house, crumbs and shoes tossed in every room and laundry left undone, I will sit here with my steaming cup of tea and carefully choose words that build life back into those I love most.

Husband: you are my handsom, strong, capable provider and partner.  You are strategic, innovative, visionary and creative.  You are filled with ambition. You will rock the world of business, bring our family integrity, honor and a legacy to be remembered. You will impact nations and provide for millions in ways never thought of before, as you remain sensitive and responsive to the voice of your Father. You are courageous and you endure through all kinds of circumstances without fail. You earn the trust of many through diligent, honest, kind competence. You will lead our family and many other families into greatness.     

Daughter: you are beautiful, radiant with shining light.  God’s light pours through your smile and your gentleness reveals His loving kindness to our family, within your friendships, and to all who engage with you.  You are a precious gift of joy, mercy, compassion, grace, peace, kindness, thoughtfulness, creativity, patience, and best of all, love.  You are full of purpose and bright with destiny.  You will shine light into dark places and escort all who want to follow into the freedom of Christ.  

Son: you are one who seeks after the truth with everything that is in you.  Curious, intelligent, wise and understanding beyond your years, you are honest, fun, brilliant, full of integrity, courage and compassion. You have the ear of our Father, and you will courageously seek His heart, and you will know He hears you.  You will make known all you discover and you will lead others into His presence by the grace, mercy, forgiveness and honor He has filled you with.

Toddler Boy: you are mighty, a force to be reckoned with, and a courageous heart to save your family members from dark forces.  You are always looking for the good guys and the bad guys, and you have insight and ability beyond your years.  You will bring healing, raise the dead and set captives free. You will bring comfort and peace to the lives of millions as you fall deeper in love with and understanding of the God who healed and saved you before your birth.  

Unborn Child: you are a mover and a shaker, forming in secret what will be displayed brilliantly in the years to come.  You, child, will move mountains and bring down walls, barriers and locked doors.  You will set free, light paths, make known secrets, and reveal the goodness of our God.  You are a gift to this family and to all who follow you throughout your lifetime.  

Self: you are a peaceful place of rest and refreshment, filling up space with words of healing, hope, joy, honestly, comfort, encouragement and revelation.  You speak with wisdom and understanding from the heart of your Father and you build solid foundations with your words.  With your words you will tear down strongholds and raise up nations, you will cut off lifeless chatter and breath living air into barren places.  You are a rock of living peace.  An oasis of refreshing to all whom the Lord brings into your life.  



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