A Mouse {or four} In The House

My daughter enthusiastically asked if she could be allowed to make muffins, all by herself, this morning.  She’s been doing things like making mac & cheese and helping prepare meals for a while, so I figured she could handle a stab at it.  She figured out the oven and everything.

Yet, once again, as the oven heated up, we were accosted by a horrible burning smell.  This was one of many times we’ve used the oven to have it smoke and smell up the house… even though it’s been cleaned!  Windows were thrown open and the oven was aired out before the muffins got put in. Slowly the smell dissipated.

As my daughter went to take out the finished muffins, she heard squeaking and thought a bird might be caught outside the kitchen window.  But as she opened the oven door it was clearly louder.  A little bit of looking and listening revealed a startling discovery…

As we pulled out the bottom drawer of the oven the floor was covered in mouse poops, fuzz, bits of papers and dust.  And On some kind of plastic tray lay a mouse  He was clearly stuck, it’s back leg black and deformed, it’s face and front paws covered in something that seemed to have melted to it, and to the tray.  As we watched it squeaked pathetically and writhed in attempt to move…

My son found a stick outside and pulled the tray closer to us.  Three mice, some looked roasted, others looked only slightly singed, came out with the first mouse.  My head spun with the the stench that filled the room immediately, both kids gagged.

We grabbed a bucket and filled it with water – my son begged to “take care of business” and into the water went the mostly dead mouse.

As we looked around there was evidence of more activity.  Under the sink especially.  Ugh!

We now have three different traps at work for us.  Under the oven has been cleaned out, as has under the sink and everywhere in between, for good measure.   All I can say is , YUCK.


One thought on “A Mouse {or four} In The House

  1. Was that tray meant to catch the mice? I cannot believe you weren’t told to keep watch by your landlord! Oh the horror! At least now you can get rid of the mysterious smell… I am so sorry you had to deal with this!!!

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