The Word{s}

Have you ever stopped to think about the power of words?  

In the Bible God simply speaks (sometimes just breathes!) and it happens.  Life as we know it, people healed, people raised from the dead, trees withering… all with the breath of a word.

The Holy Spirit woke me up this morning for an amazing time of ministering to my son and husband through words.  And it struck me during this time, how incredibly meaningful each and every word is.  How each word has the power to bring life, to put to death, to cause emotion and to put into effect whatever it’s meaning is.

I heard a sermon recently sharing that God takes complaining very seriously.  When the Israelites complained in the desert, what was a 2 week journey ended up becoming 40 years, until the complainers died out. God waited until those who did not keep watch over their words were dead.  And with each person noted in the Bible, He interacted with them according to the words they spoke, or didn’t speak.

Words impart a reflection of what is within.  If you find you aren’t where you want to be, or feel like life is miserable, unfair, or just simply tough, I suggest listening to the words you speak.  Chances are, you are speaking your circumstances into being, and more likely, what you are speaking out is what is going on inside you.  If you take head to the words you speak and pay attention to where they are coming from, you may find your circumstances change dramatically.


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