Identity & Love

A tweet from a friend: “RT@GregoryDickow: Identity + security = destiny.  Understanding your Identity in Christ & security in God’s love propels you into your destiny.”

No matter what has happened to you or what choices you have made, your identity in the love of the God who created you is steadfast, secure and unshakeable.  There isn’t anything you can do or have done that keeps you from His love.  There isn’t anything that has happened to you that removes His love from you.

It is your soul’s enemy who works tireless to to keep you from experiencing this love, and from understanding your identity, thus preventing you from claiming the destiny that is yours.

If you are heartbroken, healing, recovering, flailing in uncertainty, feeling lost, lonely, helpless…  my prayer is that you come to know exactly how loved and how secure you are in Christ.  I pray that you come to understand that all the pain and all the guilt is not His design, plan or desire for you.  I pray that you know how deep His longing is to restore, recover and comfort you.

His love is not what this world calls Love.  He does not impose Himself; He waits for your invitation.  He does not demand; He respects you.  He does not insist; He waits patiently for your timing.  He does not require you to earn His love; He declared it before you were born, giving Himself up for you just to have the hope, the chance, that you might desire Him, know Him, accept His love.  That by the knowledge and acceptance of His love for you, you would discover your secure identity in Him and be fulfilled in the life He has established for you.

Your destiny.


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