A Miracle

Have you ever lived a day where at the end of it you sit down completely in shock that you experienced all you did?  Bone weary and emotionally numb, yet somehow fragile; when tears are on the brink but hysterical laughter is rising in your gut?

That was my day recently.

When God works through your faith to inspire another’s it is a miraculous thing.  I was given this privilege with a front row seat in the lives the people closest to me when my Father planted a vision in my heart and mind.

As I shared this with my husband, and repeated what I believed God to be speaking to me, he lit up like I hadn’t seen in a long time. Years before being battered by disappointment and discouragement, my husband was a passionate visionary with some pretty incredible visions of his own.  The look in his eye while I was sharing the vision that had been pressed into me reminded me of those years long ago.  He ran with it.

While things started to shape up and timing seemed to be perfect, it felt like we were completely inline with God’s desire for our lives.  But soon after we got ourselves past the point of no return we began to experience random glitches.  As we went through these things, totally confused and somewhat helpless as to immediate fixes, I could hear certain peoples’ voices saying, “oops, maybe you ran ahead of God,” or “I guess you didn’t get that vision from God after all {wink, wink},” or “That’s okay, we all get it wrong sometimes,” or “Well, seems like God is closing the door!

Except, we were already on the other side of the threshold… if the door was closing it was closing behind us because we were already through it.  And, as I went through the different scenarios of what outcomes we may face I felt a certain stilling peace form in the center of my gut.  My husband, however, didn’t so much.  He felt fear.  He saw a history that told a very different story.  He saw impossibility, and he saw his inability to make it different.

I quietly stood my ground.  It was outrageous, what I was convinced God would do for us.  And while I fully believed He could, and that He was whispering to me that He would, the honest question of whether or not He was going to do it now hovered over our household as we waited.  And waited.  And encountered still more setbacks and glitches.

Then, when we were completely on empty – I mean literally, out of options and at a $0 – He moved.  We got a call.  A call so out of the blue and unexpected that after my husband shared it with me we just stood together, tears seeping down our cheeks.

It was unexpected, over the top, outrageous, and wild kindness.  A complete gift.

Then another call.  Another solution that hit us from left-field, smack between the eyes, and right in the guts of our hearts.  A provision randomly provided in exactly the right time and amount.

Suddenly, what was a total and complete impossibility was actually going to happen. 

Before my eyes my husband became a new man.  He completely transformed as he absorbed the incredible miracle we were experiencing together.  God didn’t let him down this time, He came through and in a powerful way.  And He came through even though my husband didn’t feel like he had done anything to earn it – and actually he felt the exact opposite, he was afraid he’d lost favor because he had a recent string of random “failures.”  {his view on it all, not mine}

Along side of us, our children had joined in prayer and in believing for what we envisioned, with us.  When they heard that we were in jeopardy of loosing it, they spoke out innocent belief and prayed deeply insightful prayers over their mommy and daddy in childish words.  When their prayers were answered, they were almost more excited over that, then the realization of what we were about to encounter.

I believe that sometimes God leads us in a direction that allows us to squirm a bit as He sets the stage to reveal the incomprehensible depths of His love and ability to provide, not just our needs but also our dreams and desires.  Taking what is impossible and transforming it into reality.

I believe this because I am living it.



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