Jadon Andrew Michael; Seeker Of Truth, Courageous Man, Who Is Like God

Big blue eyes.  Long slender frame.  Melted right into my arms, and calmed at the sound of my heart beating.  You, son, captivated me.

So eager to be in this world, you declared your moment two weeks early.  With calm gusto, you made yourself known.  Strength and fearless determination, complete contentedness within my embrace.  From the day you were born, you knew your mind and let your preferences be known.  Nothing has held you back since.

Within you, my son, lays a man fully grown stretching to unfold your 7-year-old frame. Mighty, determined, admirable, fighter.  Your will is balanced by your compassion.  Your tenderness melts hearts and wins proverbial wars.

You are a warrior.  Meant to fight battles of injustice and to defend those less strong.  You are a knight, designed to woo a princess.  You are a king in training, my son.

As a little king, you challenge, you defend, you dig in and claim your corner, you protect and you win.  You are the gift of a life time, my treasured first born boy.  I am honored to mother you, to be challenged to grow with you, to be humbled by all I do not know about boys as you reveal more of who you are with each year.

My not so little one, I admire you more with each new day.


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