Unwrap Freedom

A heart wrapped in barbwire.  Ready to defend, protect, repel. But strangling within it’s own barricade and longing to be free again.  But freedom comes at a steep price, it reminds itself.  Old scars throb in beating motion, as if in agreement.  As if to remind itself never to unwind these thorns of security.

A thing about barbwire; the closer you wrap it around yourself the more you pierce delicate areas, meant to be kept whole.  The more you move within the wrappings, the stickier they become.  Clinging to parts you never meant to protect, now rubbed raw.

He speaks, firmly.  Gently.  “Come out of there and speak forgiveness. Hear my words of love and be freed.

“Hear my love for you, know that I will deal with those who have scarred you.  No longer think of them.  Think only of my love for you.

“For if you will entrust your heart to me, I will safeguard it.  I will treat it tenderly, healing each and every wound.  If you will entrust your heart to my care, and wait for my lead, I will show you who needs it most and I will hold it there.”

And, if we let Him, He gently takes away the thorns, unwraps the circles and unwinds the clinging spines.  If we let Him, He calls us forth, out of the entrapment of security and into the protective guarding of His love, healing every cut and bruise, restoring wholeness and placing His own beat within.  If we let Him, He returns to us a voice, restores to us a passion, replaces within us His vision.  If we let Him, He sets us free.  

*inspired by a word from my friend, Jenny


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