Hippie Update

So it has been a VERY long time since I updated on our ventures into becoming a hippie family…

Shampoo – we still are not using commercial shampoo.  I used some while traveling and my head was so incredibly itchy it was enough to convince me to give up shampoo for good.  Right now Bryce and I use organic shampoo bars from here: Natural Shampoo Bars, and we only shampoo with them once or twice a week.  The rest of the time we use a botanical conditioner from Trader Joe’s.

I will have the kids start to use them once we have run out of the shampoo they already have, and I find bars that suit their hair.

Deodorant – I had to stop making mine for a time, as I put way to much essential oils into it and we both developed rashes.  Sadly, it worked better than any regular antiperspirant or store bought deodorant.  I have found one recipe that has coconut oil as the base (instead of Shea butter) and doesn’t require essential oils, and I have found that the same website above also sells a coconut based deodorant that I might try too.  For now I am using some herbal mixture from New Seasons that seems to work throughout most of the day.

Lotion – Um, yeah… I haven’t made a recent batch in quite a while!  Mostly just because at night I am exhausted by the time the kids are in bed.  I have, though, discovered more recipes as well as done more research on ingredients and alternatives.  We currently use a regular store-bought brand that doesn’t have the main ingredients we are avoiding.

We are, however, making our own laundry soap, and I do love that.  It’s about a once a month to every 6 weeks requirement.

We are dairy free, with the exception of cheese and occasional sour cream when we have company.  We have coconut and almond milk yogurt as a treat and the kids LOVE it.  I am looking for a cheese replacement, and hope that soon the only diary we will ingest will be in the form of ingredients in foods we buy.

Life has taken a manic-ly busy turn, so I am no longer making our bread from scratch.  And, we are experimenting with going gluten free to see if this helps with respiratory and skin issues that haven’t completely been restored by going dairy free (tho things have improved!).  In the mean-time we eat bread from TJ’s that is rich in protein grains, such as quinoa.

As I cannot afford to go completely organic with meats, I am learning how to cook less, make it stretch more and incorporate more protein in our veggies and grains.  I am excited to say that I can make one organic chicken breast feed our whole family, with the help of these other sides.  It is a toss up though!  And we don’t always make the organic meat section…

I have discovered seaweed!  We have mixed revues around here… but this is a treat I first experienced in Australia, and Taiwan.  Amazing stuff!!  I was thrilled to find it at Trader Joe’s.  It is packed with vitamines and good stuff :).


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