To Hear, To See, To Know

It is said that from the womb we hear.  Loud rushing, thumping, thrumming.  Distant, vague, and mysterious.

As we grow we gain understanding, learn languages, distinguish voices, attune to melodies, and recognize written words.

The beat of a heart no longer present in our ears.  The mystery vanishing with knowledge.

Is it that we learn too much?  Or that we simply forget.

Though we are old we are very very small.  Though we learn we are very very ignorant.

Though we line up our accomplishments, we cannot stop the floods and quakes that shatter lives and tear the earth open.

Though we study we cannot keep the dying alive.

We cannot stop the wind, and though we have learned to harness it, with one mighty breath it can tear our brilliance to shreds.   That which cannot be seen destroying what is.

Even with our great knowledge, we cannot undo the terrible hurt that mankind inflicts on mankind.

We spend all our years running after knowledge, to see what we have yet to see so that we might explain what has yet been explained, to know what we cannot know in all our lifetime.

Yet, all we need to know is right where we started from.  In the quiet, deafening sound of a heart beating.   In the vague and mysterious wonder of eternity.  Of resting, suspended in warmth and comfort and being safely hidden.  Because of one life given.

It is not in knowledge that we will find answers.  And it is not is sight that we will know.  It is in hearing that which we can only discern with ears attuned to what is within.  Creator calling to creation.  Heart beating, love yearning, voice a rushing, trembling, mighty whisper; calling to the hurting, the broken, the crushed and inflicted.  Naming the underserving by name, tenderly calling the unlovely, the weary and the forgotten.  Those who are unlearned.

These, who have yet to know, will see first the mysteries unveiled.  To these, who have no goodness or understanding to prop themselves up with, will the vague be made known.  Those who have no accomplishments to offer, no wisdom more to gain, just life to survive through, will understand what hearing really means.

And then, having heard, having seen, will truly know what life is.


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