What Love Is That Love Does…

Love bears all things 

 Believes all things                                                                     

          Endures all things.

                                                                                      Hopes all things.

                                                                                                                                                                  Love never fails.

When love is patient and kind, and when it is not rude or self-seeking or boastful it is beautiful and a thing to behold.

When love does more… bears all, endures all, believes and hopes all… it takes on a whole different depth.

When patience no longer meets the needs of those around us, and bearing up under becomes the option to running or pushing away, it becomes something like a helium balloon turning into a water balloon, swelling deep and heavy instead of floating high above.

When applying self-control to easily rising anger, or guarding against long lists of grudges, and the hurts pile up fast and hard and ugly, enduring all can be like replacing handcuffs with iron shackles and lead chains.

I struggle with this part of what love is.  I struggle with who this applies to and when.  I struggle with how this is often interpreted and expected.  I struggle with what our broken selves have twisted these words into meaning.   I struggle with the beauty of those who reach these depths with grace, and with those who have been mutilated by unrealistic expectations our theologies can create.

Then, I look into my mirror and I speak lovely words of truth over my reflection;

Your worth is in the eyes of a Creator who loves you.  A Creator of universes, who comes close just for the chance, the hope, that you hear Him.  That you might want His love. Your value is in your Maker’s passion for you, that without any promise, without any commitment, and before you even knew your own name, He gave up His life for yours.  Just for the chance that you’d say, yes. 

And I realize something.  A small button that opens a pocket of understanding.

God is love. And God bears all things even before we were born and on our behalf.  God believes all things, He is all knowing and all present.  God endures all things, for our sakes and despite ourselves and even without our knowing or acknowledging.  God hopes all things, He is all powerful.  God never fails.

We can do nothing without Him.  And even still, anything we do resembling love is Him in us, leaking out of the cracks in our self-protective armor.  And all God ever wants from us is our captivation by His love, that we would simply look at Him, become consumed by Him, that we might be loved.


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