Elora, God Is Light

She has always been tall for her age, until now.  And slender.  Her hair is golden silk, reflecting light in shimmering strands.

Her nature is gentle.  Her smile reflective of her inner thoughts.  Rarely does she fuss when her plans change, ever the easy going child.  Throughout Europe and most of the United states she traveled with us, even tempered and enthusiastic to make friends anywhere we set her down.  Agreeable and charming.  Everyone who met her left enamored with the smart little wit and eager laugh she offers.

At 9 years of age, she no longer stands a head above her peers, but shoulder to shoulder with most.  Through many changes she has come, and still her even temper and eager joy charms and delights.  She has added responsibility and dependability to her many qualities now.  Nurturing and kind and empathetic.  Her tenderness is evident, her strength apparent.

Her brothers adore her and vie for her attention.  Her friends call her their “best” and wait to hear her words.  Her teacher praises her before her class, and her parents thank her Creator for the privilege of loving her.

Elora Noelle Paulson, Precious Gift of Shining Light.  Happy Birthday one more time.  


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