God With Us

That God is present,  longing to reveal and have received by us His unending love, His amazing grace, is an unshakable reality.

That we see God, feel His longing and receive His love unending, His grace so amazing, is a questionable endeavor.

Questionable in our tepid affinities and shallow understandings that we rely so heavily upon.  Relying to discern a path through days on end, we walk as vapors, shadows of what could be, among the brilliantly radiating reality of God.

We see such a limited view that ourselves consume it.  Our understanding framed by only what we decide is here. What we call real.  Us, we shadows of night, so regal in our fading, forgetting embodiment, call our dimly  casted reflection real.

Our dwelling places flat.  On walls and floors of the boxes we create to contain only what we can imagine and always only what is seen from behind that which blocks the Light.

Yet Light came into our shadowed dwelling, took on life as a vapor.  All blazing and brilliant glory dimmed  down into what our eyes could view without burning.  Speaking, calling, healing, touching, living and dying that we might gain life outside our flat darkened confines.

That we might allow Him inside.

That He might lead us from shapeless reflection into detailed body and into a colored world.  That we might live beyond our finite understanding.  Our backward selves, thinking the light revolves around the shadows and a human embodied God, with us, calling all dim castings of unformed images to come into flesh and bone and be in orbit around true Light.  From reflections of what is created into creation.

That we might go from clinging to what is safe, in dimly shadowed box,  to soaring in all His illuminating Glory, unknown, and not understood.  To being loved by all that God is.  All consuming.  Immovable.  Unshakable.  Real.


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