The Day…

Whoa! Today was just one of those days. Not bad, necessarily…

It was a… jump into a nearly cold shower after settling kids down for the 3rd time since the process of getting into the shower started, only to spend 3 cold wet minutes listening to shrieking while madly trying to get conditioner to rinse out… kind of day.

It was a… walking over the dozenth rejected cracker now smashed into the carpet, thus my sock, and pulling out the vacuum for yet another run over the floor… kind of day.

It was a… dog won’t stop barking… kind of day.

It was a… soggy wood, smokey cold house, one hand in the fire place begging the flames to stay lit, while the other hand kept the toddler away from the Christmas tree’s beckoning shiney ornaments wishing I had Mrs. Incredible powers…. kind of day.

Not without it’s treasures either…

It was a… toddler using creative problem solving skills when told he can either eat his crackers or sit on his potty, by pulling his potty chair into his bedroom and behind the rocking chair next to the crackers waiting for him on his bed so that he could both sit on his potty and eat his crackers too… kind of day.

It was a… 20 minute nap with sweet baby snuggles under fleecy blankets… kind of day.

It was a… my son deciding that sea serpents, stinky fart bombs, and magical hiding clouds are standard plays in the game of Battleship we played over cups of cinnamon pudding and sweet potato chips… kind of day.

Not without it’s conversations…

I don’t know what a heart attack is,” says my daughter, in the middle of a story about her PE teacher.  My son jumps in, “I do! It is when you have something you cant feel squirming in your stomach that you don’t know is there and it suddenly jumps up and shakes your heart.  I’ve had a heart attack before.  It’s no big deal.

Pooper hug you, me!” exlcaims the 2-year-old excitedly to me, arms raised high. “You hugged a pooper?” I asked biting back a laugh. “Yeah!” he proudly nods.  Clearing his throat my husband interjects, “Pooper is polar bear.  He finally got brave enough to hug the polar bear.” ~ at the zoo, for zoo lights, there was a large polar bear mascot walking around hugging kids.

Mom, I’m sorry for giving you a hard time today.” My son states with a sigh. “Yes, we have clashed a bit today haven’t we?  I need to work on understanding you better, don’t I?” I wrap an arm around him.  My son pauses, “Mom, how about you just work on not pushing my buttons and I will work on not getting under your skin?

And that’s just a recap…


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