Waiting For Growth

“Accept him whose faith is weak, without passing judgment on disputable matters.” ~Romans 14:1

Love is patient.

My experience in the Church has taught me a lot about human nature.  Mainly that there are several types of people who can be found in any given church, and that everyone in a church is in need of transformation of some kind, and all are looking for that one perfect person who will preform this transformation for them.

Some attempt to be that perfect person.  In the Name of the Lord.

Most give homage to those some.  Placing them in positions impossible for them to maintain. Faith weakening, as belief is placed in human ability and God’s grace less relied on.

And we all grow weary of waiting for perfection and many are let down when those attempting perfection for the sake of the rest fall in their imperfect humanity.  Human ability failing.  Untrained eyes missing God’s provision.

Waiting for growth is a tedious, and almost always painful, process. Especially when we are waiting for that growth to happen in someone else.  The futility of placing our hope for change in the growth of someone else, gnawing and burning away threads of love between believers; it destroys patience.  Bleeds into disillusion. Grows through branches to bitterness.

My experience in the Church has taught me that no man can bear up under the responsibility of human worship and no man can meet all needs.  None but One.  His name is Jesus.  No one can stand in His place.

Waiting for growth is best done while practicing the habit of looking to Him.  When those we rely on are failing and disappointing, displaying their own imperfections, if eyes are trained on the Only Perfect One, on His constant work of transformation, on spotting His consistent and unending love, others’ failings and slowness to grow fades to unimportant.

When those we rely on fail us, and we are in the habit of seeing Jesus more often, we will discover ourselves to have grown.  Able to accept those still relying on their own strength with His love.  Able to bear the brunt of their falling with them.  Strengthening the threads of love between us, growing patience.  Increasing faith and deepening the healing of forgiveness.  Applying the grace God freely gives.

“Now we who are strong ought to bear the weaknesses of those without strength and not just please ourselves.” ~Romans 15:1




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