A Prayer For You

Beautiful one, that you may know where your value lay.

Not in the clothes you wear or the sent you spray.

Not in the size on your jeans or in the glint of your hair.

Not in your smile, your words, or all you achieve.

Beautiful one, your value is give to you by the Creator who called you into being.  Who died for you just for the chance to be near you. For the chance that He’d catch your eye, capture your view, captivate your heart.  May you know this truth in the depths of your mind.  May this truth be your strength in all the battles fought there.

Beautiful one, that you may know where your value lay.

That you cannot loose favor.

That you cannot dissuade His conviction regarding you.

That there is nothing you can do, no place you can go, no thought you can think, no size you could grow.

Beautiful one, you have captivated His heart and mind from long ago – before you were born.  There is no removing His love from His view of you.  No escaping His patient pursuit.  He will not force and He will not fade.  Your value is written on Him, His hands, His feet, His side.

May you know the deep deep love His heart beats with, may you hear its puls and know that sound is for you.

“You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.”

~Song of Solomon 4:7


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