Becoming less convenient: a process

I keep mickey mouse chicken nuggets from Costco in my freezer.  And mac & cheese in the pantry.

I use more frozen veggies than fresh. Even in the summer.

I buy a brand of lotion that has relatively safe ingredients for when I don’t make our own.

I buy bread when I don’t get around to making our own, or when we are out of flour and yeast and down to pennies in our budget.

I bought chicken broth – the kind on sale and not the health conscious kind – when we ran out of the what I’d made at home.

My thought is that I can do what is possible now and grow into what will be possible tomorrow.  I don’t need to rush my growth or guilt my way to perfection. I am privileged living here.  While I don’t take that as lightly as I used to, I am accepting it as a gift for the days we are given to live here.  I have my goal in view and am making choices that will take us there.

I make choices.

We eat less meat.  And in general, we eat less food than we used to.  We haven’t gone hungry yet 😉

We don’t drink milk anymore.  We chose coconut and almond milks for cereal and baking.

We use butter sparingly, and not on bread unless it’s a celebration.  We used coconut oil for daily fair.

We don’t eat eggs as a meal, we incorporate them or bake with them.  We eat a lot less of them.

Cheese is a treat and an accent.  We use about a third of what we used to.

There are a lot of reasons we’ve chosen these things.  Convictions.  A desire to eat cleaner. When we can we want to buy organic which costs more and therefore we afford less.

It’s a process.

You cannot swallow a sea, but you can drain it one drop at a time.


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