No Shampooing/No Deodorant…

Wow, what I life I lead in titles!

So… no shampooing.  I LOVE my solution!  I still have not shampooed, in the traditional sense.  But I have discovered, thanks to my friend, all natural solid shampoo bars at New Seasons!  (There is also this wonderful website: Herbal Shampoo Bars for other options.)

The list of ingredients on my bar are all pronounceable oils. I suds up (using the term “suds” loosly) and massage into my scalp and hair.  It rinses out cleanly and my hair is soft and wonderful.  Even my husband has used it and enjoys the break from baking soda.

I also learned recently that conditioner can be used to clean hair.  This blew my mind.  I decided to give it a try on a weekend when I could easily jump back into the shower after my hair dried, if I didn’t like the result.  I used the same amount I do when conditioning with it, and massaged it in, rinsed and let it dry.  It was amazing.  No kidding!  I was blown away, and my hair smells wonderful.

So, between these two options, I now very contentedly do not shampoo – traditionally speaking.  I have noticed even grater health in my scalp and hair and really enjoy my results.

Now… deodorant.  The homemade version I was using gave us a rash.  Huh. Yep.  I have pretty much deduced that I used way to much essential oil.  The recipe called for around 28 drops.  We, however, did not like the smell of the Cocoa butter and tried to cover it up with close to 100 drops.  There are warnings all over the paperwork for the essential oils that they can cause skin irritation if improperly used.  This is my learning curve here.

So, we went off of the batch I made, and have been waiting a bit of room in the budget to try a different butter for the base in my next batch.

In the meantime, we have tried several other natural brands from stores.  NOTHING works!  It is very sad. And I may have been able to buy an new butter with the money we have spent trying new ones in the mean time (tho we do shop thrift-fully…) I have been very tempted to can the whole envevor and go back to my old stad-by… however I just read this:  Deodorants and Antiperspirants

I am now looking for alternatives and will keep you posted.  For now, if you run into us at the gym and wave to us from a distance, we understand.  😉


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