No Shampoo: week… ?

So all I know is that it is now a new month, and I am really craving a new hair cut, so it’s been several weeks that we have gone without shampoo.

Since starting this I have done more reading and more experimenting.  I don’t know what I feel about this. The things I have learned about some of the ingredients in shampoos and soap are pretty intense, and a bit overwhelming.  Honestly, I didn’t stop shampooing because of these things either – it was all vanity! But now…

Now I don’t know.  I am in that phase where it is still new enough that I don’t have a groove down with what works and what doesn’t.  I feel like I have more “this isn’t working” days than I do “I love this” days.  And the novelty has worn off.  My husband loves it still.  He’s looking at the $$ signs and enjoying the simplicity.

Me?  It’s still a vanity thing that is now complicated by knowledge… – an interesting sight to brows if you want to read up on things like I have. I don’t know the credibility of this information, but it seems to be consistent with other information I find elsewhere.

So here I am.  I may be going back to shampoo, but doing so much less often… I may stick it out a while longer.  Part of me would really love to see what my hair looks like completely healthy – which from what I have read can take up to six months, especially my hair, which is in the extremely dry category.  (I have read that other types of hair/skin adjust at different rates, mine being one of the slowest)

My current routine: I have placed a bottle of 1/2 tsp baking soda mixed with 12oz water and a squirt of honey in my shower that I massage into my scalp a few times a week, which keeps my hair fresh.  I follow that with a spray bottle (also kept in my shower) of about 16 oz water mixed with a tbsp of apple cider vinegar and a few drops of essential oil (Gardenia), which I spritz on and rins out while detangling.  I also use a deep conditioner regularly, and styling products.  I have discovered, tho, that if I use too much styling creme my hair looks greasier within a few hours.

My husband’s comment, “Your hair is staying closer to your head, that’s a good thing.”  With memories of being called “fro lady”  and “Bo Bo” that is, indeed, a good thing.A “hair” picture… not the greatest… but this is generally what it looks like having not shampooed for several weeks.  I have a leave-in conditioner and curl gel spray in this photo.



2 thoughts on “No Shampoo: week… ?

  1. I’m inspired. I had heard of this before but now I am actually going to give it a try. Question: do you do it with your kids?

    • Not yet – but I am seriously considering it now that I have read up more on what is in their shampoo. It’s a difficult transition, as I don’t shower or bathe my older two anymore, so it would be an interesting challenge to help them understand to scrub (gently) w/o shampoo… I would want to help them and make sure they’re really getting clean… as often the shampoo doesn’t always make it all parts of their head.

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