Becoming Less Convenient: more bars…

So I made some bars a while back and they  tasted fine, got great reviews from family members who tried them and the kids ate them.  But they were still lacking in texture.  So I more recently made the no-bake pb bars… those were really good too… but also still lacking something.  Tonight I tried yet another attempt.

This time without a recipe.  I just sort of eye-balled amounts and used my heighten mommy sense of smell.  The kids loved them all, probably the best of any that I have tried making so far.

I used my food processor (thanks to the suggestion of a wonderful friend), and blended nuts and dried fruit with honey.  My first batch (already in the dish) was dates, walnuts and honey.  They are good.  My second batch was apricots, dried strawberries and walnuts with a pinch of orange zest and a tiny splash of vanilla.  This is the favorite so far, and the best texture.

My third batch was inspired by my daughter’s class at school, where nuts are totally banned.  I want to find something I can pack in her lunch that won’t set off any allergies… so this one started with cooked quinoa. Because quinoa tends to have such a strong flavor I kinda went over board with the “cover up” and added apricots, strawberries, dates, and chocolate powder with a splash of vanilla.

 My husband calls this the “conflicted” bar… it doesn’t quite know if it’s supposed to be healthy or chocolate covered fruit salad.

My three attempts at bars…  Pure and Simple in square, Sweet and Yummy in rectangle, and Conflicted in oval.

The texture is a lot like a Lara bar, or similar to some of the Cliff bars.

Now I just have to figure out how to get them out of the pans and into neat little bar shapes…


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