No Shampoo… Week 3

Here we go with week 3 of not shampooing.  So far, I am still amazed.  Both my hubby and I have experienced more of the greasy looks this week, so we applied the baking soda/water rinse.  It was incredible.  I have also noticed my scalp is a lot healthier – less flaking and itching.

For my hair the baking soda (1tbsp soda to 1 cup water) was too drying.  My hair is very dry.  So I tried the vinegar rinse (a cap or two full to a cup of water), which really detangled well.  I didn’t use Apple Cider vinegar, which I have since read is what you are supposed to use.  I will change that next time…

In all, we have had such amazing results that I am contemplating taking the kids off of shampoo. Haven’t gone that far yet, but after reading up on a few ingredients that were confusing me, and finding a “no poo” website stating some of the same things, I really just may!

(Did you know that the same ingredients found in garage floor cleaners, antifreeze and used to clean barnacles off of boats are also in shampoos and bath gels?? YIKES!)

Here are some of the websites I have referenced for going off of shampoo – (the main motivator was my hair dresser, though.  She talked me through a lot of it and gave me tips specifically for my hair/skin type.)

Site 1 – my second “really??” moment

Site 1 pg 2 – the part that I came back to later (after talking with my hair dresser) and thought “maybe…”

A very resourceful site – I just recently came upon this one.

Another site – that helped me understand more about what is in my soaps and shampoos…

My first intro into the idea of  not shampooing was a friend who told me about it.  Her hubby did it for a while and had great results.  At the time I was not fully engaged in the idea and just nodded politely.  It took websites, a magazine (possibly Ladies Home Journal??  It was at the gym while running) and my hair dresser to get my attention.

Anyway – this is not for the faint of heart, but we have loved the results so far.  Showers are quicker and my hair is softer and more manageable. (and we aren’t buying shampoo or conditioner – a total save of $12 this month!!)


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