Week 1 Of Trying New Things (and becoming hippie family!)

So, after hearing from several different reliable sources my husband and I decided to try the no shampooing thing. I have to admit I am pretty impressed.  We were warned to expect less than satisfying results within the first 2 to 4 weeks, and while there is definitely a transition happening for both of us, I am really shocked by how well my hair is suddenly behaving.

The oily look has not taken over.  We are showering daily, rinsing and massaging our heads as instructed.  I still use conditioner occasionally and I am still using my styling creme – but need a whole lot less to accomplish the same control.  My husband says his hair is laying down easier with less gel, “It’s not trying to escape from my head like it usually does,” were his words.  And, we are working out in the gym on an almost daily basis…  so, yes, we are very impressed.

I have also made our own lotion – which we both love.  It is creamy and rich, and absorbs easily.  And it was so simple!

And, we have made our own deodorant… it works incredibly well.  We were both very impressed after working out.  However, neither of us care for the essential oils we chose… so the next step is to figure out how to make a less “earthy” more “us” fragrance. (we both chose tea tree oil, for it’s anti-bacterial qualities, and he chose cilantro, I chose lavender… together we smell like the back yard… not quite what we were going for!)

All in all, this week of making more foods from scratch (my amazing husband made nachos, making the chips from scratch first!), lotion, deodorant and going without shampoo has been rather rewarding.  We may just keep trying more new things :).


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