Becoming Less Convenient: trying new stores/venders

It has been a long process of lots of baby steps, where we make what changes we can tollerate in the season we are in.  This started about six years ago for us.  We started by hanging our clothes to dry whenever we could – which in Michigan is possible several months of the year (here in Oregon, not so much!) – instead of using the dryer.  Then we started reading ingredients and using items with fewer, more natural ingredients.

And there have been a lot of other little things we have done along the way.  But recently we were both re-motivated when reading a story of a missionary who visited a local village with her friend.  The story was highlighting the effects of poverty, and ended by stating that because the family could not afford to feed all of the children they had to choose one that would not be fed.  A little girl.

For us this was punctuated by the thought provoking concept that what is our convenience is only someone else’s cost.  Usually someone we don’t see, hear about or ever know personally.  And to what degree my convenience costs them is a question I would rather not have to figure out.  I would rather have a much less convenient life.

So… we are in a new season once again, and able to start a new change.

Today was my day to explore bulk items and ingredients that will allow me to make bread instead of buy it, and snack bars (something we seem to live off of when we are on the go), and other house hold items.

I have to admit, though we have done a fair amount of research, today was overwhelming! We visited a new store, where we found fantastic bulk items, but discovered that it is a very poor resource for other items we need – which is discouraging to me as I am not a person who loves to run from place to place.  And my online shopping proved to be just as overwhelming as I tried very hard to decipher differences and qualities and determine whether or not it I have equipment on hand to make it worth while.  And, we are trying to stay local.

And then, there is the budget.  We are not flexible in this regard.

Right now all I can say is that becoming less convenient is proving to be very inconvenient indeed.

However.  When we first started shopping label consciously the first trip we took in the same grocery store we’d already been using was 3 hours of feeling overwhelmed and in over our heads.  But we succeeded and we shop that way still, and in less than an hour (without kids).

So here is to our continued pursuit to become less convenient, little bit by little bit.



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