Cultivating What Is

Teach me, Jesus, to be constantly in prayer.

To apply what you have already taught me – teach me how to apply – how to do what I already know.

Teach me to live in prayer, to act out of prayer, to think because of prayer.

To surrender…

the act…

the choice…

the being in.

Teach me, Lord, what choices are the ones that allow release

… of my desires

… of unmet expectations

… of past…

Train my thoughts, my feelings, to embrase what is, to accept who is, to see from the perspective of prayer

To accept these as a gift.  The gifts You purposed to give to me, for Your purposes.

For my benefit.

For Your glory.

Because You called me out with Your love.

Teach me, Father, to live out what You have already taught – from what already is.


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