Faithful Friend

I vaguely remember our meeting.  You were dressed in a cord skirt, your long brown hair loose, and your brilliant eyes dazzling in a smile.  I was shy, but our friend was not, and so I met you.  You followed a band, enjoyed dancing and all sorts of things new to me.  Our friendship then was brief, but we had floods of depth before we lost touch.  Here you are, years later, married and a momma.  Married to one of the band members.  Your smile is still as dazzling, and your kindness makes a welcoming haven of mother to mother friendship.  Your patience, grace and ease, your understanding and unending willingness are all things I still admire and treasure.  When I think of you, spend time with you, enjoy your family’s company, I am reminded of God’s control.   I am grateful for His wisdom and in awe of His generosity.  I am thankful for His sovereignty, in moving us around in life so that our paths come back again, side by side, and depth to depth. You inspire me now as you did then.

A gentle nudge in my heart prompted me that morning.  A hug and prayer and our hearts have been woven corner to corner since.  Who new on that autumn morning that one day I would call you “sister”?  From our evenings on the couch with Ben & Jerry’s to our months of sharing space to now, both mommies of kids all sharing a last name.  Our roads have not been easy, but filled with acceptance and grace.  With you I share more than family, you hold my secrets, hear my fears and call me friend.  For all that we have walked through, you are God-sent and for what is yet to come, I am overwhelmed with the kindness God has shown in allowing me you, my sister, my friend.

“Many will say they are loyal friends, but who can find one who is truly reliable?” Proverbs 20:6


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