Today I am grateful

… for the little socks that flecked my living room floor as four precious kiddos played outside in the sand table.

… for the delightful flower arrangement on my kitchen table because of a friend’s thoughtful kindness, and all the sticky handprints around them indicating that others stopped to enjoy them too.

… for the evidence that I fed 6 people in my kitchen tonight.

… for clean laundry and clean sheets on every bed.

… for the extra minutes I had to listen to joyful voices whispering and bursting into giggles.

… that I have this mess to clean up, as evidence that my life is filled with one of God’s greatest gifts.

… for privileges and blessings that I have done nothing to earn or to gain, yet have the freedom to enjoy, soak up and relax in.  God’s grace poured over extravagantly and totally undeserved.


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