I am learning to face days of unending change with a steadfast unwavering memory.

Remembering daily

                               ….. the sun comes up no  matter what the weather is

                               ….. I am not who the world says I am.  I am made new, like each day.

No matter how many mistakes I make or sins I commit.  Or how many times I forget.

                               ….. today I am made new, in Christ.

                               ….. today I have peace in this; John 3:16 still applies to me.

Remembering daily

….. His love for my children is stronger than mine.  More capable.  More.

Remembering that if Love is first Patient

…. this applies to me too.  He has patience for me.

Today, I am remembering that I am loved, and today I can face what is here.  Today, steadfast, unmoving, unchanging Love

…. He has called it mine.  It’s not something I have claimed for myself.

…. He has called it, first, patient.  Then kind.

Love that never fails.  Never changes.  Steadfast, unmoving.  Patient.

If I but remember that I am loved, what can I not do?



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