Make New Friends, But Keep The Old…

A pair of kind brown eyes and silky straight brown hair, the kind I always envied. An orange fun noodle in a pool on the other side of the world. Daring and fun loving, easy to laugh with and even more comfortable to share my heart with, our friendship was born of God’s ordaining.  Late night praying, laughing, dreaming, confiding, God knew we could be conduits of His heart for each other.  Years have passed, through college, marriage, children, always mirroring but never returning to the same circle, our lives have been woven even more tightly.  Picking up where we leave off, you carry my deepest secrets and encourage my hardest journeys, regardless of how many months go by between our visits, as we love and pray over our children, marriages, and families.  You are what makes my life so beautiful, a glorious sunrise and a calming sunset. Your constant reminders of the things God loves, of the simple pleasure of being a mommy, of the compassion and long-suffering a marriage takes.  Each day I thank God for you, and each day I am reminded of something else to thank Him for because of you.

Just a comment at first, a “like” and a twinge of relating.  A thread of topic, and more in depth conversations pass over the internet, and we find more in common.  An invitation or two and a willingness to dare something new. A friendship, so sweet and so young, intertwined with past and connected to now.  How wonderful it is to find a kindred heart, a related life and a companionable frame of mind.  What an encouragement you have been in such a short length of time.  I am, once again, enjoying the beautiful way God works as I watch Him provide needs I hardly knew I felt.  You are what makes my life exciting, the unexpected find, the bright flower growing in the rocky hillside.  You remind me to thank God for all He has yet to reveal, for the faith I am assured of in the way He provided your friendship so far.

One is silver, the other gold…

 The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense.” Proverbs 27:9


One thought on “Make New Friends, But Keep The Old…

  1. Tears my friend…I thank God upon every rememberance of you…you will always be my best friend! Thank you for the countless prayers, open door and honest feedback that you always give. You are a tangible way that I see Jesus in this world. You are also a role model I look up to as I navigate the waters or mommyhood. Your sensitive, tender and trusting spirit make our friendship a save haven. I love you!

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