A Day Off

We stay in pj’s and wake up slowly.  The calendar square is empty on this day.  We eat in the living room and watch Martha Speaks and Dinosaur Train, maybe even an episode or two of Barney, for the baby’s sake. We don’t do chores or worry about cleaning up right away.  We may build a fort or read a pile of books.  We’ve been known to play Sorry! and color pictures too.  We munch our way through left-overs and treat ourselves to hot coco or berry lemonade, depending on the weather.  We laugh, and sometimes we have to take a few moments to sort out stored up feelings from a busy week.  We take naps, we go for walks, we sit and stare at the fish tank bubbles.  We each do our own thing for a while.  We refresh, clean the slate, take a break, refuel our tanks, remind ourselves how much we enjoy each other and remember all the things we are thankful for. We pause.  We breath.  We reconnect. Its a day off.




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