Sunday Afternoons (april 4, 2011)

I think Sunday is close to my favorite day of the week.  I enjoy the laid back morning as we get ready for church, I love seeing my grandparents and watching the kids interact with them.  I am taken back to childhood days when we sing hymns, and I’ll admit I still doodle on the notes page while listening to the sermon. I like the ride home, listening to the kids excited chatter about what they did at church.

But, Sunday afternoon is simply sweet.  It’s usually nap time for everyone after we’ve had a bite to eat.  Getting back into pajamas and snuggling down under the covers is heaven.  When it rains the sound is lulling, and when neighbors are out mowing their lawns and dogs are barking, I drift back to Sunday afternoons in my parents’ house.

We are all up by the time the baby wakes.  It’s a quick snack and if the weather is good we all pile out for a long walk, bike ride or trip to the park.  If the weather is wet or cold we settle into a game or books, and sometimes even a movie.

Sometimes there are trips to Nonie and Grandpa’s house for the afternoon.  Occasionally we head over to a friends’ house or out on some fun adventure, like to the beach or the falls for a hike.  But usually we reserve Sundays for our little family to enjoy each other, whatever we do.


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