Motherhood: A Vacation (may 6, 2011)

I love vacation!  I just returned from 4 days of kid-free time with my friend, Frauke, who lives in LasVegas, NV.  We did a little sight-seeing, enjoyed amazing food with her friends and at a buffet, I found some time to shop, and we got pampered with hair cuts, facials and massages – a wonderful vacation!

But what made this a true vacation for me was:

Sleeping uninterrupted through the night. Getting up refreshed around 5:30am to workout  and spend time with God- without interruptions – every morning. Taking nearly an hour to shower and prepare for the day (as opposed to the usual 15 min before kids wake).  Having a hot breakfast without food flying through the air while sitting down.  Wearing the same shirt all day long without snot spots or food ground in on my shoulders.  And, of course: no diapers, no cranky fits, and no arguing!

The best part  of all is being given the chance to gain perspective.  Getting away on vacation, especially without my kiddos in tow, gave me a chance to view my life from a distance, and all the wonderful blessings of this child-rearing season I am called to enjoy seemed much more like blessings as I was refreshed and rested.  Being aloud to miss my kids actually revived my enthusiasm and renewed my energy.  What a wonderful treat!


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